Saturday, June 30, 2012

Finally made some things.

It's been way too long. Here are my recent projects.

A quillow for the baby girl of some friends, commissioned by another friend! We gave it as a joint gift.

Another quillow - this time for my nephew, and I appliqued 2 previous J's before I did this one and was happy with it. I will make him something from the practice attempts, but didn't want to put a mediocre one on a quillow. I have only made a patchwork / applique pocket once before, and  I am definitely going to keep this idea going, although it takes much longer to make a quillow that way. An extra evening (or in this case, an extra 2 evenings!).

Finally, another waldorf inspired doll, for Little Miss Joy's first birthday, but I will do a separate post for that one. :)

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